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EY GSS Career Opportunities

If you have a desire to accelerate your career or take it in a new direction, you’ve come to the right place.

Ernst & Young Global Shared Services, market leading, professional services firm, with dynamic, talented people, is committed to operating with integrity, quality and professionalism in the provision of information technology, audit, tax, risk advisory and transaction advisory services. We strive to help all of our people achieve their professional and personal goals through an inclusive environment that values everyone’s contributions, appreciates diversity of thought, fosters growth, and provides continuous opportunities for development.

All EY GSS vacancies in Technopark and Infopark are now available via a single search facility.

SI No Requistion Number Location Requisition Title
1 TRI0008A Trivandrum Citrix Administrator
2 TRI0009B Trivandrum/Kochi Business Architect
3 TRI0003C Trivandrum Enterprise Directories Administrator
4 TRI0008H Trivandrum/Cochin Performance Test Manager
5 TRI0006R Trivandrum/Cochin Product Lead - SharePoint/.Net.
6 TRI00098 Trivandrum/Cochin Product Manager - SharePoint/.Net.
7 TRI0006U Trivandrum/Cochin Senior Software Engineer - .Net/SQL   
8 TRI0006V Trivandrum/Cochin Senior Software Engineer - Sharepoint   
9 TRI0008N Trivandrum Senior Usability Analyst
10 TRI0008G  Trivandrum/Cochin Technical Manager -.Net/SQL
11 TRI0008K Trivandrum/Cochin Technical Lead - .Net/SQL   
12 TRI0008M Trivandrum/Cochin Technical Specialist - .Net/SQL   
13 TRI0009C Cochin Team Lead - BI
14 TRI00088 Trivandrum / Kochi ETL Lead
15 TRI0008D Trivandrum / Kochi Oracle Database Administrator - Innovations
16 TRI0008P Trivandrum / Kochi Sql Database Architect - Innovations
17 TRI0003F Trivandrum / Kochi Microsoft SQL Database Administrator - Foundation Services
18 TRI00085 Trivandrum Document Specialist
19 TRI00082 Cochin Sr Designer
20 TRI00087 Cochin Business Process Specialist - Associate
21 TRI00089 Cochin Business Process Specialist - Sr Associate
22 TRI00028 Cochin Service Desk Analyst
23 TRI0007B Cochin Front Office Executive
24 TRI0009D Trivandrum EYG Support Role
25 TRI0007T Trivandrum Asset Management Analyst - Service Management
26 TRI0007Y Trivandrum Capacity Management Analyst - Service Management
27 TRI0007V Trivandrum Change Management Analyst - Service Management
28 TRI0007Z Trivandrum Configuration Management Analyst - Service Management
29 TRI00077 Trivandrum / Cochin SharePoint Architect
30 TRI0003O Trivandrum Sec Ops Perimeter Protection Analyst
31 TRI0003Q Cochin Event Monitoring Technician
32 TRI0008W Trivandrum Assistant Manager - Performance Improvement_Advisory   
33 TRI0008T Trivandrum Balance Score Card Analyst_Business Risk Services   
34 TRI0008Q Trivandrum Business Risk Analyst - Business Risk Services
35 TRI0008U Trivandrum Content Developer - Centre for Business Knowledge
36 TRI0008V Trivandrum Content Developer - Pursuit Support
37 TRI0008L Trivandrum Corporate Communications Analyst - Advisory
38 TRI0008E Cochin/Trivandrum Financial Analyst - Transaction Advisory Services
39 TRI0008Y Cochin Junior Executive - Finance
40 TRI0008X Trivandrum Project Consultant - Business Risk Services
41 TRI0008Z Trivandrum Senior Executive - Finance
42 TRI00090 Trivandrum Senior MIS Executive - Finance
43 TRI0008F Trivandrum Team Member - Assurance
44 TRI00091 Trivandrum Team Member - MENA Tax
45 TRI00095 Trivandrum/Cochin Team Lead – Professional Business Writers   – Customer Portfolio Management 
46 TRI00092 Trivandrum/Cochin Team Member - Customer Portfolio Management
47 TRI00093 Trivandrum/Cochin Team Lead- Customer Portfolio Management
48 TRI00094 Trivandrum/Cochin MIS (Reporting Resource) - Customer Portfolio Management
49 TRI00096 Trivandrum/Cochin Test Engineer/Senior Test Engineer(SQL Skills) - Testing
50 TRI0009A Trivandrum/Cochin Lead Business Analyst - Portfolio Management
51 TRI00097 Trivandrum/Cochin Team Member - Travel Desk
52 IND000BW Trivandrum Project Coordinator
53 TRI0007R Trivandrum/Cochin Project Manager(Infrastructure PM)-PMO
54 TRI0006Q Trivandrum/Cochin Project Manager - Application Engineering   
55 TRI0009E Trivandrum/Cochin Associate Project Manager
56 IND0007P Trivandrum Associate - Finance and Administration
57 TRI0007E Trivandrum/Cochin Test Lead - Manual /Automated Testing - Application Engineering
58 TRI0008J Trivandrum/Cochin Mobile Application Consultant  - Innovations 
59 TRI0008S Trivandrum/Cochin iOS Lead Developer - Innovations 
60 TRI0009F Trivandrum TAS Manager
61 TRI0009G Trivandrum Senior IS Auditor/IS Auditor
62 TRI0009H Trivandrum Security Consultant